seeking antibodies to proteins in C.elegans

hello everyone,
I’m Alice.This time ,I am facing a very difficult problem—antibody to my protein.Now I am looking for two antibodies,AAK-2 and LET-363,but no good result now.
Who anybody can tell me where I can find antibodies to C.elegans?OR manufacturer who can well produce C.elegans’ antibodies is OK,too. :slight_smile:
I will greatly appreciate it.Thank you ! :slight_smile:


If there are publications studying these genes and proteins in worms, then they may have made antibodies.

You can use Wormbase to find all the relevant papers and to see if any use antibodies.

If a lab has published using antibodies, you can request some antibody from the authors.
However, since generally amounts of antibody are limited, they may only be able to send you a tiny amount.

If no-one has published using antibodies to the worm proteins, you can pay a company to make them.
However, this can take many months, is expensive, and does not always work.

Is there any way you can do your experiment without antibodies?

Good luck, Janet


Janet’s tip is always a good starting point, one of the first 2 pages of hits in a Google search for antibody + AAK-2 or LET-363(see below) yeilded some possibilities. If this is not exactly what you want, the authors of these papers (as Janet also said) may have suggestions on where to look.

AAK-2 (ok, it’s phosphorylated form)

and (more indirectly)

FLAG-tagged LET-363



not sure if you still want this now. As far as I can see, Creative Biolabs lists some [Mouse Anti-C. elegans AAK2 (clone MO00154HB) Antibody (CBMOAB-00154HCB)] and [Mouse Anti-C. elegans LET363 (clone MO05838HB) Antibody (CBMOAB-05838HCB)]