Snapshots wanted for worm life stage icons

Hello Worm World,
I am making a new diagram of worm life history that is easier to read than the old one. Same information, different shape. If you want to see, contact me: morganqgoulding at gmail. I’m hoping to publish it in a biology education journal, in an article about how any joe schmoe can keep worms and have fun looking at them in a classroom setting… The diagram would be ten thousand percent better if it included silhouettes of each stage, from egg (a black oval) through young adult hermaphrodite and bloated grandmother, all at the same scale. The worm silhouettes should be made from images of worms in roughly identical omega-bend postures, in order to conserve space on the diagram. I feel like this graphical simplification would help a lot of us better recognize stages, and intuitively address basic questions like how big is this vs that. Signal:noise ratio would be much greater than the old stock photos we’ve always used. (Those photos do contain some unique information, I know, and we can keep using them too.) Of course I could capture these images myself, but I know somebody out there has them already, and in a matter of minutes could send them. Raw photos would be fine - I can turn them into silhouettes. I’ll acknowledge the help in the figure caption, and again at the end of the article, and once more in a followup post on this thread that points everyone to the published work, diagram and all. Also, I thank you in advance.