Staff Scientist, Postdoc & Technician Positions in Leifer Lab at Princeton!

Dear Colleagues:

The Leifer Lab at Princeton University seeks talented researchers for Staff Scientist, Post Doctoral and Technician positions to help push the frontier of systems neuroscience in C. elegans.

We are particularly looking for expertise in any of either: molecular cloning, molecular genetics, gene editing, neuroscience, microscopy and behavior. The Leifer Lab uses optogenetic and calcium imaging techniques to study how patterns of neural activity generate animal behavior. Most recently we have developed technology to record large populations of neurons in the worm’s head with cellular resolution as the animal crawls unrestrained. We are using this and other tools to investigate a) how neural dynamics drive behavior, b) how nervous system-wide structure relates to its function and c) how the animal transitions between long lived brain states.

Located in Princeton, New Jersey, we are just over an hour from New York City or Philadelphia and on convenient train routes to Washington, DC or Boston. Salaries are competitive. Please see full job listings and apply at Leifer Lab @ Princeton - Optical neurophysiology of behavior Contact with questions.