Suggestion: Genotyping Point Mutations

I’m currently going through the exciting task of ordering primers and figuring out which enzymes to use for some of my crosses involving point mutations. I already use ApE to help me with this, but it still requires time to find that perfect 1 cutter that produces a reasonable sized band and already exists in the lab enzyme stash.

This got me thinking…perhaps some sort of genotyping assistance can be displayed on the allele variation page? It’s pretty fantastic that most point mutations are reported on Wormbase, but I think it’d make life a bit easier if it told you which restriction enzyme would be best for genotyping that particular allele. Would this be practical? I feel like it could be implemented through programming tools or even user submitted data.

This website gives you a good list of known SNPs to use and good enzymes that go with them (Organized by chromosome; links at the bottom). I’m doing the same thing, and it’s helped me narrow it down a lot. Hope this helps!

Indeed, a great tool!

If we had something like this built into WormBase…I would be ecstatic :smiley:

working on it