Support SGD and your other community resources by citing them!

As a valued member of the genetics community, we know you’re no stranger to the vital role that community-driven databases, knowledgebases, and stock centers have played in advancing our understanding of model organisms—rats, worms, flies, maize, yeast, fungal species, and more.

We encourage you to keep using these resources—but most importantly, please take a moment to cite them in-text whenever you’ve used them in the development of a manuscript. This isn’t just good practice, it’s a powerful way to advocate for their importance, as well as helping to secure their funding for the future. Remember: including a link to the resource isn’t the same as citing it!

Here is a handy list of resources and associated citation guidelines:

Saccharomyces Genome Database
Wong et al. 2023

Öztürk-Çolak et al. 2024

Sternberg et al. 2024

Mouse Genome Informatics
Baldarelli et al. 2024

Rat Genome Database
Vedi et al. 2023

The Zebrafish Information Network
Bradford et al. 2023

Fisher et al. 2023

The Alliance of Genome Resources
The Alliance of Genome Resources Consortium 2024

The Gene Ontology Resource
The Gene Ontology Consortium et al. 2023

Telmer et al. 2024

Basenko et al. 2024

Rutherford et al. 2024

Rutherford et al. 2022

The Maize Genetics and Genomics Database
Cannon et al. 2024

Brown et al. 2020

The Arabidopsis Information Resource
Reiser et al. 2024

Thank you for taking action to celebrate and support our genetics resources!

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