Survey: European Worm Meeting 2010 and future meetings

Dear European Worm Meeting attendants

This year’s European Worm Meeting (2008) saw a substantial drop in participant numbers compared to the previous one. In order to plan the future direction of the European Worm Meeting, it is very important to gauge the sentiment of the European Worm community and other participants of the Meeting.

The Scientific Committee of the EWM 2008 has therefore prepared a survey.

This questionnaire is intended for PI’s, researchers expected to become a PI by 2010, or other researchers with independent financial means and autonomy to decide, whether they can attend a meeting. While primarily intended for Europeans, any person from outside Europe is of course very welcome to participate in the survey, if they are interested in this issue, since the meeting always attracts participants from outside Europe as well.

For the survey to be meaningful, we please ask that in particular all group leaders participate. Also, please forward this survey to other members of the C. elegans community that we may have missed.

Please use this link for the survey:

Best wishes
Thomas Bürglin

Dear participants in the EWM Survey,

For your information, the survey consists of 12 questions spread over 3 pages.

Analysis of the survey results collected at present shows that the three questions of the first page are completed by all participants, while the questions of page 2 and 3 all contain about 15 skipped answers.

I have received one report of a problem where the the participant could not advance to page 2.
This could be due to either technical issues (e.g., java script or cookies not enabled),
see also, or
it could also be that simply no answer was selected in question 1, this limitation has now been removed.
However, question 2 and 3 still require an answer to proceed to the next page.

Should you have problems proceeding to page 2 of the survey, please let me know so that we can judge
if the skipped answers on page 2 and 3 are intentional or due to technical issues.

Thank you for your help and participation.

Best wishes
Thomas Burglin

Dear all,

this is the final call for the Survey about the the EWM 2008, as well as future European Worm meetings.
Those who have forgotten to participate during the summer holidays, this is your last chance.
The survey will be closed on the 22. of October. You can participate in the survey, even if you didn’t participate at the EWM 2008 in Spain. The survey is primarily aimed at researchers that have the autonomy to decide whether to participate in a future meeting.

Link to the survey:

Is there any place where the results of the survey were posted?