szT1 breakpoints

has anybody sequenced the X chromosome breakpoint of szT1? I’d like to follow it by PCR if possible in some crosses I’m doing.
Alternatively, has lon-2(e678) been sequenced and not uploaded to wormbase?

Thanks for any suggestions.

has lon-2(e678) been sequenced
[i]lon-2[/i] cloning was published in [url=]a paper by Tina Gumienny and colleagues[/url]. Quoting from the legend to Figure S1:
By Southern analysis, [i]e678[/i] was determined to be a deletion of approximately 9 kb within the 15 kb after the EcoRI site at position 26,414 in cosmid F55D10; this deletion removes most of the [i]lon-2[/i] coding sequence
It isn't obvious from that whether they ever determined the exact breakpoints or found a good PCR primer set to genotype [i]e678[/i], but you could try asking them or with those clues you might be able to try some primers and find a set that works.