#TAGC24 abstract submission closes Th, Nov 9!

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Connect with the Yeast research community at TAGC 2024!

Are you a Yeast researcher looking for a meeting that combines highly relevant organism-specific content and broader topic-driven insights? The Allied Genetics Conference 2024 is the perfect conference for you!

The Yeast Genetics Meeting which is typically held in August, will be incorporated into TAGC 2024, so be sure to join your colleagues for #Yeast24 at #TAGC24! Don’t miss the chance to present in an oral or poster session!

Abstract submission is open until November 9, 2023, 8 p.m. EST Submit Abstract

The meeting’s unique format offers multiple opportunities for you to:

  • Share your work with a global audience
  • Get inspired by peers working on topics of interest
  • Reconnect with your core community and build new cross-community connections
  • Learn about the latest advances in Yeast research

Browse the conference themes to find the science that interests you most, plus additional content you might not have considered! Top themes for the conference include Disease Models and Aging, Genomes and Genomics, Intracellular Dynamics, New Technology and Resources, and more!

Angelika Amon Award
The Yeast Genetics Meeting organizers will present the Angelika Amon Award in 2024 to an outstanding recent PhD graduate. The Awardee will present a 15-minute talk at a keynote during TAGC 2024.

Early Career Poster Award
If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student presenting a poster at TAGC 2024 you can be considered for the GSA Early Career Poster Award, which recognizes outstanding research presented as a poster.

Undergraduate Conference Award
Consider applying for a GSA Undergraduate Conference Award with your abstract submission to gain financial support to attend TAGC 2024. Apply by November 8.

Questions? Email gsaconferences@genetics-gsa.org.