Tagged strains

Hi all!

I need a strain with a tagged protein (GFP, HA, or Flag) under a ubiquituos promoter control expressed allready in the embryos.
Does anybody know a company or laboratory that can produce this kind of strains “à la carte”?

Thank you in advance!

I am not sure I fully understand your query. Do you have a protein in mind that you wish to tag and express ubiquitously in embryos, or do you want a strain that already does this?

If it is the latter, I can recommend two strains that have nuclear-localized mCh and GFP (both tagged-versions of H2B), but note that the expression is under the control of the pie-1 regulatory elements (germline, early embryo), so if you want expression in the morphogenetic stages these won’t do.

mCh::H2B: https://dbw6.msi.umn.edu/cgcdb/strain.php?id=17712
GFP::H2B: https://dbw6.msi.umn.edu/cgcdb/strain.php?id=5544

Further to Steve’s response, and with the caveat that I’ve never looked at any of these strains myself and am just going on their published descriptions, a strain similar to the one he proposes but potentially offering more expression in later embryonic stages is RW10006, used by the Waterston lab in their automated lineage and gene expression work. Like the strains he mentions it expresses a histone::GFP protein under the control of the pie-1 promoter, but it also expresses a histone::GFP protein under the control of the his-72 promoter as well.

Thank you!

Actually, my question should be: "I need a strain with a particular protein (cdc-6) tagged (HA,flag, or GFP…) under the control of an ubiquitous promoter expressed already in the embryos, and the question is, Does anybody know about a company or lab that can produce this particular strain: with cdc-6 tagged under the control of an ubiquitous promoter?

We can not do it in our lab, and we need someone to give us this service…

Thank you very much!..yes, the first question was a little bit confusing… :slight_smile:

You should have the ability to create the fusion protein - it’s just molecular biology (worm expression vectors can be obtained from nearby worm labs or from Addgene). Once you have the construct in hand, you need to transform worms with it. Are there no worm labs at your university that could let you use either their injection set-up or their ‘gene-gun’?

Here are some useful WormBook chapters to help you:
Reporter gene fusions: http://wormbook.org/chapters/www_reportergenefusions/reportergenefusions.html
Generating transgenics: http://wormbook.org/chapters/www_transformationmicroinjection/transformationmicroinjection.html

Off hand, no I do not know of a company that would provide this service.


Thank you very much,
I’ll try to contact a few labs to know if they can help me , but there are no worm labs around here…that’s why I’m trying to find another way to get the strain.

Thank you again, I’ll try to contact a lab just to use their injection :slight_smile: