TAP tag variants - protein purification from C. elegans

Can anyone offer any guidance/experience with tandem-affinity purification tags for purification of endogenous low-abundance proteins and complexes from C. elegans?

I am aware of:

  • original TAP-tag (protein A - TEV - Calmodulin binding peptide) - used in C. elegans by e.g. Gottschalk et al 2005
  • LAP tag (GFP - TEV - protein S) - used in C. elegans by e.g. Cheeseman et al 2004
  • GS-tag (protein G x2 - TEV strepatavidin binding peptide) - reported to be an improvement on the original TAP tag in mammalian/Drosophila cells
  • SF-tag (FLAG - strep tag x 2) - shorter

I would be interested to hear experiences about background, yield, ease of recovery from beads/columns etc.

GS-TAP looks to be the most efficient TAP-tag today (higher efficiency in mammalian cells and less contaminations in drosophila cells), I have never seen a paper with this tag in C. elegans
You have another TAP purification reported in worm from nuclear protein: HA-8xHix-TEV-Myc (Polanowska J, Biotechniques, 2004)