Technician position available at MGH/Harvard Medical School, Boston

The Gobel Lab at MGH/Harvard Medical School seeks an enthusiastic research technician, who wishes to gain laboratory experience in a C. elegans laboratory investigating basic mechanisms of cell biology.
Lab web address: or (both sites are under construction)

Specific duties:

  • Classical genetics: crosses
  • Molecular biology: cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, DNA isolation and sequencing, and more
  • Microscopy: high-resolution live imaging of fluorophore fusion proteins
  • Time demand: at least 40 hours/week


  • BA or BS degree with an emphasis on molecular biology; other degree/training that provides a solid understanding of molecular biology and genetics
  • Minimum two-year commitment (applicant must not apply for graduate/medical school this fall)

Preferred but not required:

  • Independent proficiency in Gateway or Gibson cloning and CRISPR gene editing
  • Previous experience with C. elegans, or other model organisms

About our group:
We are interested in the mechanisms of cellular polarity, specifically, of membrane polarity of epithelial cells that make tubes, the building blocks of internal organs. How is asymmetry generated and maintained in a cell? How is one side of a cell made different from the other side, e.g. how does one side know to make a lumen in a tubular organ? Cell-polarity is a prerequisite for building tissues and organs, but also for most cell-specific functions. Polarity defects are the cause of many inherited and acquired diseases.
Our approach combines classical loss-of-function studies (e.g., RNAi) with live imaging. We label proteins by fluorophores (e.g., GFP), and analyze their subcellular localization by confocal or super-resolution microscopy, to visually dissect the process of polarized membrane biogenesis in the living organism (the transparent mighty C. elegans :wink: ).
The atmosphere of our lab is science-passionate, friendly, supportive, cooperative, and productive. We are located in the vicinity of the vibrant Boston downtown, along the beautiful Charles River, across MIT, and with easy access to four subways (Red, Blue, Green and Orange lines).

Interested applicants should submit “three separate pages”:

  • A cover letter addressing interest in the position and skills
  • A page addressing current status and major goals in the next 1-3-5 years
  • CV (resume; including recent and previous GPA-s)
  • Two (more optional) reference letters or contacts (name, email, and phone number) of the references
    To: Dr. Jafari: