Technician position available (L'Hernault lab, Emory University)

The L’Hernault lab (Steven W. L’Hernault, PI) in the Department of Biology at Emory University has an immediate opening for a research technician. We use genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches to elucidate the molecular basis of spermatogenesis and fertilization. We recently identified a new gene that appears to act in sperm-oocyte binding/fusion during fertilization, and the functional analysis of the gene is ongoing. This project is currently conducted by a postdoc in our lab and we are searching for a technician to work closely with him. This is a great opportunity for a curious, motivated individual that is willing to learn new techniques while contributing to an exciting project. For application (job requisition ID 19403BR), enter the following link:^ziFgXtYwTb2VX0CnDjGKRqDNSBwIyRyTdRy/hJ73eVaSZFWpegEGMM2WWnCNQLCRZycN_slp_rhc_

If you have any questions about what the applicant would do in our lab, you can contact either Hitoshi Nishimura (hnishim@emory edu) or Steve L’Hernault (