Technician position open at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Hammell Lab

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is seeking a lab technician for an open position in the Hammell Lab. Our laboratory uses a variety of genetic, biochemical, and molecular approaches to understand how the activity of microRNAs is modulated in response to developmental and environmental cues. The cross-disciplinary approach and application of a variety of model systems (including C.elegans, D. melanogaster, and human tissue culture) will provide training and a variety of opportunities for a highly motivated scientist.

The successful candidate will be responsible for performing independent and supervised research as well as basic lab management. A bachelor’s degree in biology or related field, prior laboratory experience and strong organizational skills are required. In addition to a sound, practical understanding of genetic, biochemical, and/or molecular biology approaches the optimal candidate would also display an eagerness to work as part of a team and to provide both intellectual and technical input to their own projects?

In addition, the Hammell lab is in need of a drum player and or keyboard player for our cover/originals rock band.