Theory of TMP/UV

Hey Folks,
does anyone happen to have any literatures for the TMP/UV mutation method?

I have been researching for the last few days and found nothing about the theory behind it, i.e. the mechanism etc. I come from pure chemistry, but in books on genetics I always found only general information. For me it is important to understand how specific mutations are initiated. Whether one can also control this etc. Maybe this question seems totally trivial to you, but for me as a chemist, who is now working with threadworms, it is not ;D

I thank you in advance.

From Wikipedia:

“Psoralens are natural compounds (furocoumarins) present in plants. These compounds intercalate into DNA at 5’-AT sequence sites and form thymidine adducts when activated in the presence of Ultra Violet-A (UV-A) rays.[9] These covalent adducts are formed by linking the 3, 4 (pyrone) or 4’, 5’ (furan) edge of psoralen to the 5, 6 double bond of thymine. Psoralens can form two types of monoadducts and one diadduct (an interstrand crosslink) with thymine.[10] These adducts result in local distortions to DNA at the site of intercalation.”

As for the types of mutations generated by TMP/UV (and other) mutagens in worms: