Thrashing assay


I plan to do a thrashing assay on my wild type and mutant worms which are grown from the egg stage in plates containing .2mm paraquat.

In thrashing assay, I plan to put the worm on each well containining 50ul M9 and then manually count the thrashes.

My question, will I add .2mm paraquat in this well-M9 also? Or it will be only M9 without any dose of paraquat?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated…

If you’re looking at the chronic/developmental effects of paraquat on the movement coordination of your worms then for the short period of the thrashing assay it’s not really necessary to have paraquat there. I assume you’ll have control (non-treated) worms too.


As Steve says, it is not necessary to have paraquat there.

Thanks everyone.