Treating worms with Fatty acids


Have anyone treated their worms with long chain fatty acids like Hexacosanoic acid or anything else to check their behavior?

If yes, can you tell how much concentration of this acid solution is used and poured in the NGM plates?


A long-chain fatty acid like that would be so insoluble that I would think the worms would not get exposed to much of it if it is in the agar. Wouldn’t it be better (and perhaps more convenient) to suspend the fatty acid in DMSO and then put a drop onto the bacterial lawn? There are some papers by Peter Roy and others in which they screen chemical libraries. Many of those compounds have low solubility, so you might check to see what they do.

Nat Protoc. 2006;1(4):1906-14.

check out the papers by Jenny Watts where she did fatty acid supplementation of plates, e.g.,

she added a little detergent to the plates and got them into solution that way.