Ts ribosome

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I wonder if anyone knows of a core ribosome gene with a fast ts allele available, allowing (hopefully) for temperature shiftable inhibition of ribosomal function? I’m having a surprisingly hard time identifying one: there’s rpl-7(or1247), but RPL-7 seems (in cell culture experiments) like it might actually be a negative regulator of the ribosome, so that’s perhaps not ideal. It seems like something there would be ts-alleles available for, so I’m hoping I’m just missing them!

Back in the day Craig Mello’s lab generated a whole collection of temperature-sensitive embryonic lethal mutants. I have no idea how many were ever characterized, let alone assigned to genes, but this was back in an era before high-throughput sequencing and even perhaps before most SNP mapping, there must have been a fair number of mutants that remain unidentified. I wonder if anyone has gone back to sort through that collection using more modern tools?