type of 6cm petri dish for pourmatic MP1000


Does anybody mind letting me know the type of 6cm petri dish that works well w/ Pourmatic MP 1000, pricing and ordering info.?

My machine has been jammed a lot by AS 4050 recently, made by Parter Medical, sold by Fisher.

Many thanks.


The machine works well with the Falcon and Fisher plates listed in the Pourmatic brochure (http://www.nbsc.com/files/MP1000.pdf). They are listed in the footnote at the bottom of page 2 (under the purple box). Both are available from Fisher Scientific.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. I can let you know the particular one we using next week.

The manufacturer recommends Fisher 08-757-13A, but those still cause occasionally jams and we actually have better results with 08-757-13B.

Many thanks.
I will try 08-757-13B.
Any pricing info.?

The falcon 351007 (6cm) and 351029 (10cm) plates were the only that worked well for us, we get them from VWR (cat 25373-085) at heavy discount. I can give you the particulars by email asoukas@chgr.mgh.harvard.edu.

On a different note, has anyone using the Mediamatic noted softer agar plates than if media is autoclaved in a conventional autoclave? We are getting increased animal burrowing in our plates after switching to the Mediamatic.