unc-119:GFP strain & myo-3:GFP strain?

I wonder if I need to have two type of strain which constituted unc-119:GFP and myo-3:GFP in order to yield neuron and muscle cell. Or is it ok if I just use one type between both of the transgenic strain? Since unc-119 are express in both neurons and muscle cell but only in 8 body muscle head while myo-3 only express for body muscle.

Thank you in advance.

So you want a strain where GFP is expressed in both muscle and neurons ? If so, you can make a strain like this by crossing two different strains, one with unc-119-GFP and one with myo-3-GFP. This should be relatively easy, as long as you pick strains where the constructs are integrated on different chromosomes.