unc-29(e1072) molecular change?

The molecular change underlying unc-29(e1072) (strain CB1072) isn’t curated in Wormbase. Before I PCR/sequence does anyone know if there might be another source/lab of the sequence change?

You might want to contact Bill Schafer - his 2001 Genetics paper says:

By sequencing the complete coding regions of the unc-29 mutant alleles, we determined that the unc-29(x29) mutation introduced a nonsense mutation (tat → taa) within the fourth transmembrane α-helix. unc-29(e193) was found to be a missense mutation (cca → tca) that changes a universally conserved proline residue at position 258 to a serine; the sequence alteration in the unc-29(e1072) allele could not be identified.
At the least, he or one of the other authors might be able to tell you where in unc-29 not to look - whether they’re pretty sure they got good sequence of the whole open reading frame and all the exon/intron boundaries, for example.

Very helpful - thanks!