Using FuDR

Hi everyone,

I’m using 25uM FuDR to age a large number of worms in liquid culture. I’m wondering how long it takes (from the addition of FuDR) for it to be effective at sterilizing my worms? Also, should I add more FuDR to maintain the concentration when I change the medium or add food? Does anyone have any experiences (successful/unsuccessful) with the use of 25uM FuDR in mass liquid cultures?


Hallo vormies,

I don’t have any experience doing liquid cultures, but I’m messing around with FUDR at the moment too :wink:

First I didn’t even know what concentration of FUDR to use, did you try it out or why do you use the 25µM? I made the observation, that when a small population on my plates was sterile (when I tested different concentrations I read in different protocols), on crowded plates it didn’t work as well, they still layed eggs and worms hatched, but I think they didn’t develop until adulthood. In the end, I didn’t have as much worms as without FUDR. So maybe you need more FUDR, depending on the number of worms. When you change the medium, you also remove FUDR, so I’d say you’d have to add more afterwards to maintain a basic concentration in the flask! The same with adding food, if it changes the volume significantly, I’d add more. So this is just what I think, maybe others have more experience. I’ve started a thread about FUDR in the Methods, Protocols, Reagents section some time ago.