Using L2/3 N2s rather than L4 in mating...?

I need to prepare plates each with a single F2 male and single N2 hermaphrodite but only have L2/L3 N2s or adults - no obvious L4s. Can I single an adult F2 male with an L2/L3 hermaphrodite or would such a mating likely be unsuccessful? Alternatively can I place plates with F2 males at 4C for a day or two until I have L4 N2 hermaphrodites?

better to wait until the males have some near adult company. otherwise they will tend to wander off the plate. have you been using 4 degrees to slow worms down? the one time i went that low they seemed very unhappy the next day so now i usually do 8-10 degrees. but in your case even 15 degrees would be fine since you will have plenty of L4 hermaphrodites by tomorrow.