Using PA14 (P. aeruginosa) on NGM plates

Hello All,

I recently attempted to use P. aeruginosa (PA14) for some immunity experiments, but I ran into a weird problem. When I seeded my NGM plates with the PA14, the agar turned green. Is this normal or did my PA14 get mutated? Also, if I need to get a hold of a new batch of PA14, does anyone know where I can purchase this from? Any information you might share with me would be most appreciated.


S. Vetrone

Don’t worry, its normal. If you doing immunity assays you may want to consider doing them on peptone-rich plates rather than straight. Although it doesn’t seem necessary, it is fairly typical in the community. Also, there seems to be a distinction in pathogenesis between assays done on NGM vs Peptone-rich NGM.