Version 4.1 of the Alliance of Genome Resources website was released on August 23, 2021

This release focuses on high-throughput variants and pathways information, including:

  • Added Human and model organism high throughput (HTP) variant data.
    • Human variants are imported from Ensembl.
    • Model organism HTP variants are submitted by Alliance members (FlyBase, RGD, SGD, Wormbase) or imported from EVA (mouse and zebrafish).
    • Added HTP variants to the Alleles and Variants table on gene pages (e.g. rat Lepr Gene page) and to the table on the Alleles and Variants Details page (e.g. rat Lepr Alleles and Variants Details.
    • Created a report page for Human and model organism HTP variants (e.g. human variant rs1041354454).
    • Expanded Allele Category in search to "Allele/Variant" and added a search for HTP variants.
    • HTP variants are currently only displayed for variants within a gene. Intergenic variants will be available in a future release.
  • On Gene Pages, a new Pathways widget displays via tabs:
    • Reactome models of pathways for human gene products as well as inferred pathways for model organism genes based on orthology to human genes.
    • Reactome reactions for gene products (e.g. human TP53 Gene page)
    • Gene Ontology Causal Activity Models (GO-CAMs). These provide a framework to represent a biological system by linking together multiple GO annotations. PMID:31548717 (e.g. worm nsy-1 Gene page).
  • Experimental conditions are include for Disease and Phenotype data in tables on Gene, Allele, and Disease pages (e.g. zebrafish scn1lab Gene page).
  • The Alliance Community Forum is released. The Forum permits discussions across six model organism communities—flies, mice, yeast, rats, worms, and zebrafish. More details will follow.