Where to order antibodies?

I am looking for several antibodies for C. elegans.

Where to look if I can’t find it at the Dev.Stud.Hyb.Bank?




I am afraid that there is no one source for antibodies for C. elegans proteins. For highly conserved proteins, e.g. actin, generic anti-actin antibodies from a number of commercial sources may work. However, for most conserved proteins, only a small subset or no antibodies against the vertebrate or Drosophila form of the protein will work in C. elegans. For example, only some specific anti-human tubulin antibodies work for some specific isoforms of C. elegans tubulin. In general, you need to look in the worm literature to see if someone has successfully used a particular antibody in worms. They should list a commercial source or a worm lab in the methods. If the source was a worm lab, then you will need to contact that lab for some antibody.

Good luck, Janet

there are a few here:


you can find it on Creative Biolabs-Model Organism website.

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