Who to contact about GO annotation issues (additions, updates, corrections, etc.)?

GO annotations must be accurate and evolve with the science in order to be useful. Although we have dedicated curators that monitor the literature, we also rely on the community to ensure that GO annotations reflect what is currently published. If you encounter missing, inaccurate, or any questionable annotations, curators will address the issue as quickly as possible.

Since the GO comprises many curators from different groups, we recommend contacting the curation team currently responsible for the annotation. To find the correct group, look at the assigned_by (sometimes called contributor or source) field in the annotation. Shown here is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae annotation in AmiGO, but the best group to contact about this annotation is ComplexPortal, not SGD.

If the group is not in GO’s list of Active Contributing Groups, if you are having any issues identifying the source of the annotation, or you are requesting a new annotation and are not sure if there is a Model Organism Database, please contact us directly at help@geneontology.org.

Whichever group you contact, include figures/excerpts from any published literature that supports the request, potential GO terms if you have them, and any other information that supports the addition/change/removal. If the request involves an existing annotation, include the full annotation including gene product, GO term/ID, reference, and any additional fields like annotation extensions to help identify the correct annotation in question.