Worm labs in WUSTL?

Hi all,

I’m not sure where to post this and I don’t think it’s suitable in positions wanted section so… forgive me.

I’m a perspective grad student and I’m looking at WUSTL. I did my two years of undergrad research and two years of lab technician work with C. elegans and I’m interested in studying genetics and evolution. I’m wondering if there are any labs in WUSTL that uses C. elegans as their main research model? I know Prof. Tim Schedl is there, but as my current lab work involves meiosis I want to try other areas.

Thank you.

You can search this page for “Washington University” (and skip the Western Washington University results) to find WUSTL labs registered with the CGC.

Or you can look at the abstract book for the 2019 International C. elegans Meeting and see what labs at WUSTL were presenting to the community that year.