WormAtlas server problems

Due to an equipment failure, WormAtlas is offline this weekend. :frowning:
But you can still see our mirror site by going to www.wormatlas.psc.edu

David Hall, AECOM

All Internet connectivity to our building has been cut for this weekend (Oct 26-29). You can still access our websites via mirrors at
http://wormatlas.psc.edu and http://wormimage.psc.edu. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our WormAtlas server is again suffering an outage at this time.

You can access our mirror site from the WormAtlas front page, or by going to http://wormatlas.psc.edu/

Similarly, you can still access WormImage by going to http://wormimage.psc.edu/

Sorry for this inconvenience, but we will try to get back online as soon as possible

David Hall

Due to a switch in webserver equipment at Einstein, connectivity to WormAtlas and WormImage will have intermittent
disruptions for the next few days. You may find yourself viewing our mirror site, or a much older version of the website
(in the case of WormImage)

Some WA features may revert to older versions, but we hope that you will still find the websites useful

We apologize in advance, while we work towards a long term solution