WormBase Biological Curator Position

WormBase seeks a Biological Curator for the WormBase-Caltech group (Pasadena, CA, USA).

WormBase at Caltech currently has seven full-time biological curators as well as several bioinformaticians and software developers. The Caltech group annotates gene expression patterns, gene regulation, functional descriptions, phenotypes, microarray data, cell functions, and protein and gene interactions. We continually try to obtain, store and display whatever information has become most relevant to our community.

We are seeking an individual with substantial C. elegans experience to help analyze gene functions and interactions and incorporate them into WormBase. Curation places a premium on broad scientific knowledge, excellent communication skills, and creative intelligence, as well as on patience and hard work. Computer literacy in UNIX or Linux and in Perl is a plus, but is not required, since curators have the opportunity to develop their skills in bioinformatics at Caltech. While demanding high skill and willingness to serve others, biological curation at Caltech also offers rewards beyond that of a postdoc. One is a wide range of future job prospects: biologists who become curators can remain at the forefront of research, and also have the option to move to bioinformatics. A curator’s salary is higher than most postdoc’s, and the general quality of life in Pasadena and Caltech is good. Curators at Caltech work in an excellent academic environment, where they can interact with several laboratories carrying out genomics both at Caltech itself and at affiliated institutions.

Please contact Paul Sternberg (pws@caltech.edu) for more information.