Xenopus Bioinformatics (MBL Course)

Xenopus Bioinformatics Workshop (MBL Course)

When: April 6-11th, 2023

Where: Woods Hole, MA, USA

Registration open: Xenopus BioInformatics 2023

This year, the Xenopus Bioinformatics Workshop will cover many aspects of single-cell analysis, which I believe many of you are interested in. In addition to the frog single-cell data, we will discuss how to utilize public data of humans, mice, and other species. It would be an excellent opportunity to start if you plan to utilize single-cell genomic data. Of course, we will cover the basics of RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and proteomics.

NOTE, we set up the end date as April 11 (the starting date of the CSHL Xenopus course). If anyone plans to attend this course who can spend one more week on the East Coast (USA), it would be a good chance to catch up recent progress in the Xenopus research, both computationally and experimentally.

Organizers: Marko Horb, NXR; Taejoon Kwon, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea; Leon Peshkin from Harvard; Konrad Thorner and Malcolm Fisher from Xenbase.