Yeast Stock Centers

  • American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) maintains yeast stocks and clones.

  • EUROSCARF, the EUROpean Saccharomyces Cerevisiae ARchive for Functional analysis, maintains a collection of systematic deletion strains searchable by gene name.

  • National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) maintains over 3,100 non-pathogenic yeasts, including type strains, strains of general interest for education and research, strains of industrial importance, and genetically marked strains.

  • Common Access to Biological Resources and Information (CABRI) includes catalogs from European culture collections for yeast and other organisms.

  • Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository that distributes many plasmids for yeast research. In particular, Addgene is distributing a collection of Yeast Advanced Gateway Destination Vectors created by Dr. Susan Lindquist’s laboratory.

  • Yeast Genetic Resource Center (YGRC) maintains over 4,800 S. pombe strains and over 9,000 S. cerevisiae strains.

  • Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG. The Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG, an academic biological resource centre (BRC) specialized in yeasts and yeast-like microorganisms, distributes strains and offers services to the international scientific community and to other private Institutions. DBVPG maintains over 6,000 yeast strains and over 300 yeast-like (Prototheca sp.) strains.