yeast two hybrid library(c. elegans)


I want to do yeast two hybrid to search my favorite gene. But I can not find a library vendor. So, there is anyone who knows which company should I buy this library from?

Best wishes!


There are C. elegans two-hybrid libraries available for purchase. I know people who bought the library from Addgene (I don’t recall whether their two-hybrid screens succeeded, so don’t count that as an endorsement), and a Google search finds a web page that lists three libraries from Dual Systems and one from Invitrogen, and also finds a library for sale from OriGene.

You might also consider the Orfeome collection of PCR’d full-length cDNAs, which was built in part so that it could be used in two-hybrid searches. i know it’s available as a collection of donor clones from Open Biosystems, but I don’t know if you can get the clones already in a two-hybrid vector or if you’d have to obtain all the donor clones and then put them in a two-hybrid vector using Gateway.

Another option, especially if cost is an issue, would be to look at papers that published two-hybrid screens using libraries they’d made themselves or obtained from another lab (rather than using libraries they purchased), and ask the people who made the library if they would be willing to share their published reagent.