You can now search MGI for recombinase activity in multiple structures

Updated features: Recombinase (cre) structure search enhancements, representations of the Ensembl Regulatory Build, and enhancer elements from VISTA.

*You can now search for Recombinase (cre) Activity in multiple structures (MGI-Mouse Recombinase (cre)).
*Ensembl Regulatory features and VISTA enhancers are accessible on the Genes and Markers Query Form (Genes and Markers Query Form) by selecting the desired feature type (expand other feature type/other genome feature to show all subcategories).
*Four new feature types were added to accommodate Regulatory Features from Ensembl:
Promoter flanking region
CTCF binding site
Transcription factor binding site
Open chromatin region
*You can also search for regulatory features by ID in the Quick Search

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